The Great Reset | The End of Throw-Away Culture

The throw away culture has been sold to us as making life our lives easier. Easier on our time and easier on what we can afford.

We have been paying little more than lip service to recycling for far too long.

The emphasis has been on what has been politically expedient for the political classes. That has been for us only to concentrate only on rubbish and changes that are perceived as being easy for everyone to do, of having no real effect, and of having no cost in terms of money or on what we perceive to be our quality of life.  

Before they were emboldened by our willing response to their unnecessary Covid Measures, this was the only way that spinless politicians could be sure that anu kind of open green policy would not cost them votes.

But the throw away culture has come at a very high price. It has been built on the unnecessary use of resources that cannot be replaced. It has damaged the environment through the unnecessary processes of production, transport and the level of waste disposal necessary to cover the amount of discarded goods that were deliberately designed so that they would quickly have to be replaced.

We have unlearned the value of making the very best of everything that we already have or could even share or borrow. Meanwhile, we have been drip fed from every direction that the idea that we can have absolutely everything that we want – just as long as we can afford the £price.

Sucked in – as we have been – by the reality that we now qualify everyone and everything by what it looks like to us and to others, and what it tells everyone else about who we are or what we can afford, we have willingly taken every step possible to walk away from who we really are and leave the values that really help us all far behind.

The world around us reflects who we are inside. We have all played a part in what is happening. So, for us to accept that change and a different way of doing things in the world outside of us is now necessary, we must all embrace what that change really means for us within our minds.

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