When it’s crunch time, you can’t eat or there’s rioting outside the door, whose story will you believe: Yours or Theirs?

As I’m writing this, it’s the beginning of the last week in May 2022, and the stories talking about things like inflation and the cost-of-living crisis are picking up pace.

With the establishment invested in maintaining a narrative that will continue to capture yours and everyone else’s belief, we are facing a situation where our own senses will tell us more and more that everything around us is being consumed by some kind of fire, whilst all the people our experience and conditioning has told us to trust are continuing to shout a message akin to ‘Don’t panic – all is calm!’

Because the system is built on myths and beliefs, rather than basic practicalities, it regrettably stands to reason that we will not accept the practical message of a systemic collapse until such time as we have experienced something which shatters the myths that we still believe.

This is why talk of people needing help from food banks, or senior police officers being unable to pay their bills in the news isn’t registering with us, or if it is, it is only to look down on them with the thought that it must be their own fault.

Difficult truth to face as it may be, the systemic collapse is underway. It is showing up as problems faced by somebody somewhere else today, but will soon touch everyone’s life in some way, and it will come knocking on your door too.

It could be just the spiraling costs. It could be that you can no longer afford to eat. It could be that the goods you usually buy are no longer available. It could be that you cannot buy any food to eat. It could be that the civil disorder, rioting and violence outside your door proves to be the final straw that tells you that something in the world and system we have put our trust in, has gone very wrong indeed.

The interesting thing is that the Establishment has known for a very long time that their behaviour and the things that they have been doing have been unsustainable, and that sooner or later, the current system would reach a breaking point.

That’s why organisations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) have been busy for years creating the narrative for a new world. One that would not only allow the existing establishment to control the transition and period of change. It would also allow them to control whatever system supersedes the broken and unsustainable version they are already responsible for that they knew would have to be replaced.

Interventions from the WEF and other bodies such as The World Health Organistion (WHO) have only become so prevalent now, as the events that we all know as Brexit, the Covid Pandemic, the War in Ukraine and above all the responses of governments to them all, have catalysed or supercharged the disintegration of the existing system and the establishment is now in firefighting mode, and quite literally blagging its way as we descend into crisis, hoping that keeping enough of us believing they are credible and have our best interests at heart, will allow them to come out the other side of ‘The Great Reset’ and still be in control.

If no matter what happens that hurts you or makes life difficult for you in the coming weeks, months and years, you continue to believe everything that the establishment tells you, there is every chance that either they or people who will be just like them, will continue to control your life once we are through the Great Reset and have come out the other side.

Your life and everything about it will depend on the will and wants and thoughts of others. You will physically appear to still be free, but you will be held hostage or kept prisoner by your own mind under the control of other people and all you and everyone else will fall over yourselves to do will be to smile at, agree with and show your support for whatever rules are imposed upon you from the world outside.

No, it won’t feel voluntary for you. But that won’t matter, because everyone else will think that it is. It will appear that everyone is supporting this all to happen voluntarily, because of the collective belief in the system. Because of continuing consent.

By waiting for someone else to fix all the problems when everything has broken, you will be allowing someone else to choose and dictate what systems and ways of doing things – the governance of our system – will be created and implemented instead of the broken one that must now be replaced.

But you have a choice. You can contribute to, inform and be an active part of creating, developing and implementing the governance and system of a world that is balanced, fair and respects who each and every one of us are. Or you can accept all that happens to you, wait for someone else to solve your problems for you, and then sit back and watch the future unfold and keep asking yourself quietly why is it that after all that has happened, the deck is still stacked in the establishments favour, and everything seems to work for us, but only really benefits them.

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