Surviving The Great Reset | Community Governance during any critical period of Crisis that we face | Roles & Contributions

Everyone has something to offer the community. But it may not automatically be what they think.

Despite the trauma of the experience that we may all be living through, some people will still be ruled by their egos when it comes to what they are prepared to do, offer or actually give.

The age of bullshit jobs and invented professions came with the Top-Down system. Incentivisation turbocharged the rejection of the risks that come with responsibility, building a backroom culture that gave license to the demand for more of everything whilst at the same time giving less.

Just because someone has been a manager, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they can manage. But a plumber is almost certain to know how to plumb.

When it comes to having food to eat and all the basics that anyone will need, everyone will need to quickly lose the ego that tells them they are this, they are that or they are anything that makes them different.

Everyone will need to fulfil any role that means that in return for having their fair share of everything that they need that is available, they are contributing whatever they have that can bring value to all in return.

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