Surviving The Great Reset | Necessity is the seedbed of Innovation

Whilst my aim may be to provide a guide to navigating the very difficult times that may lie ahead, I also recognise the resourcefulness and creativity that lies within so many people – even when in many cases they have not recognised it, or perhaps do not have confidence enough to qualify it within themselves.

You can never be an imposter when it comes to taking responsibility for yourself.

When it comes to surviving The Great Reset, taking responsibility for yourself is the part you will play in a community taking responsibility for us all.

Too many of the things that we are used to about the world we have been experiencing have been reliant on very complicated supply chains involving great distances and many different people, as well as in most cases relying upon the accumulation of many different parts.

Any one of what could be hundreds of different points on these chains may no longer be available or be an option once the real stoppages and shortages have begun.

Any number of those points could be one or one of many, that means the goods, products, foods or experiences that is no longer available, meaning that we can no longer get something, or that if we have it and it breaks, we cannot get new supplies or parts that will enable it to work.

We MUST make use of all of the people, the resources and the opportunities that we have, so that everyone has access to a fair share of everything that they need, beginning with making sure that everyone has adequate basic foods to eat.

People in every community will have ideas, knowledge and skills to make existing resources work on a localised basis, to invent new ones and even create new equipment that can do the jobs or help fulfil the tasks that will help achieve the goal of ensuring that everyone can get by, whilst things remain acutely difficult for us all.

To innovate and provide the solutions that the community will need, people just need to be asked and then given the opportunity to respond.

It doesn’t matter who has an idea, who makes, grows or fixes anything. EVERYONE benefits when a job that needs doing for the whole community gets done. The priority of supply is the survival of everyone in the community. It is NOT about how the process was ‘owned’.

Let those who can, get on with it. Don’t get precious about what it looks like when and if you can’t.

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