Surviving The Great Reset | What will make us accept we need change? What will make us change our minds? What will make us embrace a NEW System of Governance, built from the Grassroots-Up?

If Levelling Level were to depend only on changing the way people think to succeed, its success would be far from being assured. After all, people will not easily change the way that they think, unless they feel there is a good reason for them to do so.

The good reason for people to change the way they think, and what will make Levelling Level successful as an aim, process and outcome, is the system of governance that we already have does not serve our best interests.

The ‘Top-Down’ system has been used as a plaything to further self-interest and greed for far too long.

Those who have held power and influence within the ‘Top-Down’ system have broken and exceeded the laws of their own system. This has resulted in the collapse of everything that we know, and pain reaching each and everyone of us somehow and in some way.

When things in the world outside of us aren’t working for us, we will be ready to change what’s going on for us inside of ourselves. We will be ready to change our minds.

The change in thinking required from us all, begins when we stop thinking that someone else will always take care of the things that we don’t or have no interest in, and accept that we all have a role to play, and that begins with each and every one of us taking part.

The part that we have to play, is stepping out of our doors and working with everyone else in our community to ensure that everyone has access to the food, goods and resources that they need. That when they are available, they are accessible fairly to all. And that where anything that any of us need isn’t available, we work together, harnessing the skills, experience and abilities that we can offer to our communities, to provide anything that we need in the quickest and most efficient ways that we possibly can.

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