Surviving The Great Reset | The New Economy | Where we are right now | The realities of the FIAT system

There is nothing small about the irony that the introduction of the FIAT money system we have today was overseen by US President Richard Nixon, who was later impeached and had to resign because of dishonesty in Office.

There is little doubt that Nixon did away with The Gold Standard and brought FIAT in under the influence of the post-war business and explosive consumer culture that had grown exponentially in just two decades.

The role and use of money was quite literally being restrained by the rules that were meant to restrain it. Those with influence wanted to legitimise their freedom to do whatever they liked with money so that they could make more of it. This was the real moment that money became the real king.

As money, greed and the envy that propels it replaced the real system of human value, it also began to jet propel those who had most of it to the top of the ‘Top-Down’ hierarchical structure we currently have.

The ‘Top-Down’ system is where money and wealth are everything. Every part of the system corresponds to what you earn, what you spend and what you have.

There have always been wealthy people, but they have never been assumed to be ‘qualified’ previously, in the way that we do today’s ‘Billionaires’.

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