The Basic Principles of The True Economy

Each and every person should always have the right to contribute to the Economy on terms that are universally accepted through a Basic Living Standard. So that for the equivalent of a week’s contribution of the most basic kind of labour, they can be self-sufficient. Or through choice, ability or accumulation over time, they can add recognisable value to the contribution they can make, through the assimilation of skills and experience.

Neither people, nor the raw materials or basic resources that the world and environment offer should ever be under the control of private commercial interests.

The economic value of the person should always be definable on their own terms, with the only exception being at any time that they need help or support from the community to be able to live, when it should always be applied at the same rate or standard as the Basic Living Standard for All.

Resources such as Land, Water, Mineral Deposits, Fossil Fuel Deposits and anything that is derived from these are and should always be treated and regarded not as being ‘owned’, but as being the source of raw materials for every purpose and are under the stewardship or directive of the community at large.

Where any resource or raw material is not being used expressly for the production of the things that people or our communities need, those using or borrowing those resources should only do so under a non-negotiable license, that requires rent or a form of tax at a level that makes plundering and misuse of those resources unprofitable. It must also make provision for maintaining or where necessary restoring the environment from any impact that processing of anything beyond what we need will have.

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