The Basic Living Standard | The Basic Rule of The True Economy or Grassroots-Up System |

There is one fundamental rule of a new system that is balanced, fair and works for everyone: That every rule and law remains subservient and respectful in relation to the Basic Living Standard, and that its existence or impact will or cannot compromise the principle of The Basic Living Standard in any way, no matter how unrelated in may appear to be.

In effect, the adoption of The Basic Living Standard, whether that be as a resetting of the current system of governance or as the result of quite literally everything stopping and then starting all over again, is the act of completely overturning the Top-Down or hierarchical system of governance, and turning the whole thing on its head, so that the system becomes ‘Grassroots-Up’.

The Basic Living Standard is the rule that puts people first, instead of the prioritisation of money, the accumulation of material wealth, power, influence and gaining more of anything and everything before considering anyone else.

A Fair and Balanced Society can only work properly and maintain the fundamental equality of its system by creating and maintaining a framework of rules relating to everything that ensures that the material independence of the person cannot and will not be compromised by either the action or will of any other, and that it is the primary objective of the community and any structure of governance around or beyond it, to ensure that this principle is maintained at all times.

By adopting and maintaining the principle of The Basic Living Standard, the overwhelming number of issues that society faces will be addressed.

As long as the individual remains respectful of the dynamics of the principle of The Basic Living Standard which is and always be ‘treat others how you wish to be treated yourself’, almost everything that needs to be fixed, needs answers or requires solutions will create its own fix.

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