Our way of life should be our economy. The economy should never be our way of life

In the Book Levelling Level, we discussed the crisis we are heading into which will revolve around not just the collapse of our financial system and the money we use, but also a complete collapse of everything we know involving the way that business and industry run, and even our government and political system works too.

The most difficult message to covey as a speaker, and to receive as a listener is anything that makes clear that we have all played a part in what is happening to some degree. Even if it is just down to the products we buy, or what we do or don’t do when its time for us to vote.

Use the words economy or economics, and you will probably have the word ‘money’ come immediately to mind. But the idea that money = the economy isn’t really the truth.

The truth is that money is just a part of our economy. It plays a part, just like all the other things that we do and interact with in any relationship that we have with the world outside our door.

It is because of the reality that life is the economy, that it has been very easy for us to accept that there is a monetary value to all things, and that anything that cannot be given a monetary value, simply has no real value at all.

Life has literally become all about money. Money – and everything to do with it, whether it be power, influence, ambition and anything that can be considered to be material wealth – is how our world qualifies absolutely everything. But the price has been not only that we have forgotten, but that we also place no value on who we really are.

Money is an addiction. An addiction like every other, whether it be alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling or anything else. An addiction that brings nothing but misery whose lives are on the arse end of its power, and the deception of being happy and in control of something that has complete  control over you, for those who believe that they are still getting a buzz.

As with people, our culture, community, and entire country (and World) has become addicted to the money myth and everything that surrounds it too. What we are experiencing now collectively are the days of that drunk or drug addict which is we have together become, rolling around in the gutter, thinking all about the next ‘fix’, but with no idea what and who we really are.

Those who have experienced the realities of addiction, know what comes next. Remove the metaphors, and the collapse of everything we know is now knocking at the door. This is who; this is where we are right now.

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