**NEW BOOK RELEASE**: The People First ‘True Economy’ & The Basic Living Standard

Hi Everyone,

Following on from the release of Levelling Level at the end of March 2022, and the series of Blogs that many of you have been reading, I am pleased to confirm that the next eBook “The People First ‘True Economy’ & The Basic Living Standard” is now published and is available to buy and download on Amazon for Kindle.

This eBook brings together all of the material I have written about the basics of establishing a new economy as we transit and do what we can to survive the coming collapse and crises, and then work to thrive as we emerge on the other side.

All of the material within the Book is available FREE to read in Blog form here,. But if you would like to read the pages offline and in order, the cost for the Book version is £0.99 in the UK or $1.24 in the US, with availability in other Regions too.

Wherever you are, I really appreciate you reading everything I have been publishing about Levelling level, The Basic Living Standard and The People First Economy. It is, after all, about us all!

Best wishes,


Here’s the Back Page, followed by a link to Amazon:

Following the Book and series of Blogs ‘Levelling Level’ which together provide an overview of how we can survive and thrive through the coming collapse or ‘Great Reset’ and make it our own, Adam moves on to provide a focus on the creation and basic principles of a new People First economy.

A Money Focused Economy and a People Focused Economy are mutually exclusive.

In this second book, Adam tells us that we now have a choice between the money based system that dictates everything today, or an economy that is built and developed around life instead.

The basis, foundation or principle building block of the new People First or ‘True Economy’ would be The Basic Living Standard, which is a benchmark or guarantee that every person is assured of the same basic platform of a self-sustainable or fully independent life:

An adult, working a full working week in any job at any level, should always be able to feed, house, clothe and provide adequately for their own transport needs, whilst providing basic necessities such as communication themselves, without the need for credit, loans, benefits or third-party support of any kind.

With all forms of business and government activity, public policy and decision making focused and developed around The Basic Living Standard, a people-centric way of living and experiencing life that is balanced, fair and considerate of all is not only possible, it brings everything and every part of life into alignment too.

Money or People-based values: It’s all up to you.

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