Where and how is it safest to invest now?

Whichever direction you look in, somebody somewhere will be telling you where to put your money. They are making promises about where your money will be safe. Some are even offering you cash back for signing up to loans, finance and other kinds of schemes.

The only part of the messaging put ‘out there’ for everyone’s consumption I agree with right now, is that we are heading at a rapid and increasing pace towards a massive financial crash.

What those so desperate to sell you financial products and even precious metals like silver and gold don’t tell you and probably don’t either realise or already know, is the coming collapse will not just stop with a recession, depression or anything else we equate historically with a ‘financial collapse’.

The collapse, crisis and the problems that go with it are going to be much, much bigger and unlike anything any of us have seen before.

In terms of so-called ‘financial investments’, this could prove problematic and very painful for many of us. Money and every kind of currency based on the current ‘FIAT’ money system, is quite literally about to go over the cliff, to where the intrinsic value of all of it will be found. (ZERO)

The collapse or rather the end of the money-based system or order as we know it, doesn’t mean that money or currencies will have no future use.

It is simply the case that in a People-centric economy, we will only value money and currency as the medium of exchange that it really is. We will no longer value everything and every part of life in monetary terms like we are doing right now and as we have done so before.

We are going to move from a system of finance and governance where money, material wealth, power and influence are the baseline of everything, to one where everything revolves around a reality where we put People First.

This means that the way we value everything today, whether it be houses, cars, holidays, clothes, qualifications, loans, credit cards or anything and everything that relates to money and how it can be used to demonstrate ‘wealth’ will not be valued as we have ever known it to have been before.

The money or currency that we have now will be worthless. And this means that those who are watching the horror story and dark part of this painful but necessary change arrive, will already know that owing money against anything we ‘own’ as we head into this crash, is not a sensible place to be.

You may be desperate to buy a house because you have been led to believe that house ownership is the only way to increase your wealth. But this story is a myth. Right now, that myth is quickly becoming a very dangerous lie.

Please think very carefully about taking on financial debt of any kind. And especially debt that either has variable rates of interest linked directly too it, or which you would be unable to immediately repay in full.

A period of doubt and uncertainty, along with what might be chaos for all:

The transition from a money based economic system to a people focused economic system will not happen in one stroke, or in one moment in time.

There is going to be a period of uncertainty over money and the supply of everything that we have become used to being able to access without any thought.

If you really want to prepare and invest for the future, it is preparing for what you will need to get through this stage of the crisis where you really need to invest and give yourself the springboard into what comes next.

This could be a very challenging time, with social unrest and civil disorder. Planning ahead now is one way that you will be able to reduce the risk to yourself and keep the people you care about safe.

Yes, the money that you have in your pocket or in your bank account right now, has value today. In fact, it will continue to have value right up until the very moment that it doesn’t. This will either be when you don’t have enough – because inflation and prices rises have just gone too far, or it will be when the things that you want are simply no longer available for you to buy on the shelves – because there is no longer any supply.

The best time to make provision for this happening is now. The real value in the money that you have available to invest today, is to invest it in making provision for yourself and the people you are responsible for, so that all the bases are covered then.

Food & Basic Essentials:

The key consideration is food. What will you eat when there isn’t any food on the shelves?

The best way to invest now, is to quite literally start growing your own. So that you have a supply of fresh, healthy food available to you regularly – even if you will always be eating the same things over and over again.

Start stocking up non-perishable items such as canned fish, beans, pasta and anything like that, which can be used many months or even years into the future, as long as it is stored properly and kept safe and dry.

Other items that it would be well worth putting by can be found in a list HERE.

Goods that have value as an exchange:

With money not working, there will be a period of time before the community can get a new system up and running. It will probably take much longer before universality of a local currency is restored.

During this time, bartering and exchange are likely to be the primary method of securing anything that you need from others, that you don’t already have.

Yes, you will probably have many things already that will not have the same value to you, when it’s a question of having enough to eat. But with the values that everyone has changing too, it may quickly become a shock to learn what little value something you value highly in financial terms right now, then really has.

The best way to equip yourself with a real, practical currency so that you are fully equipped and ready to get through this period of time, is to stock up on extras of all the things we have discussed above, so that you can trade them with others for anything you need but don’t have.

It may be as simple as growing more of the vegetables or the fruits than you need, because you have the space or the resources to do so, so that you can trade all that you cannot use for the things that you will.

It’s not the end of the World:

Yes, this all sounds very ‘end of world-ish’. But it isn’t and won’t be. Although it is likely to feel like it is for a period of time.

Change or transition of the kind that we are going to experience isn’t going to come without cost. But we no longer have any choice.

The decision made by politicians, business leaders, bankers and the world elites, to keep pursuing their ideals through globalisation and economics based on nothing more than greed, has committed us all to experiencing the crisis that is on its way next.

But it is within our power to survive and thrive.

You have the choice to remain ‘invested’ emotionally and financially in everything as it is. But you will lose the money and the value you believe that you are investing in any of the financial systems, products and devices that exist today, and what is more, the loss of the freedom that you believe you have and enjoy right now will almost certainly be lost – and that will be the real price that you will have to pay.

The alternative does indeed involve a very big leap of faith. But if you stop buying into the propaganda and take this opportunity to invest in yourself and the part you have to play in your community thereafter, the benefits will soon come to you in every non-financial way.

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