The Basic Living Standard | A Direction

Everyone is looking for answers to the growing number of problems that we are all experiencing. But what many of us don’t realise is that the difficulties that we now face all boil down to the way that the world – or the system around us works, and has been doing so without real scrutiny, for a very long time.

Today, the world operates in a Top-Down and hierarchy-heavy way. It does this, because everything has become money or wealth centric, and completely focused on what people have, what they earn, what they are or what they can be. The whole undercurrent is little more than greed.

To put everything right, we have no choice but to change and put people first.

The Basic Living Standard is the benchmark and foundation of how we can create a very different world where everyone has the same framework of support from which to step off into life from the start.

Yes, it’s a very different way of looking at life, at people and at the world. But at its heart is the reality that if we want life to work fairly and in a balanced way for everyone and not least of all ourselves, we have to make every decision about life and living not with money, the accumulation of wealth and what everything costs us personally; but with people, with relationships and with what’s really important in life, in mind instead.

The Basic Living Standard is “The winning line where everyone crosses or nobody crosses at all”

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