Politics is broken, so why not fix it yourself?

Whoever you are, whoever you’ve voted for in the past, it’s almost certain that you will agree with us that the UK and the way that we do politics is now in a complete mess.

The bad news is that this isn’t going to change. It won’t matter if the next Prime Minister is Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Keir Starmer or anyone else from this out of touch group of politicians that have filled up our Parliament and our Councils right across the UK.

They are all out for themselves. They are all out of touch with what life is like for all of us. They are all basically the same.

We can’t remove any of our MPs without a real alternative or ‘polternative’ being ready and in place for the next time that a General Election is called.

Sadly, too many of us believe that backing the mainstream parties (That’s who we know as the Conservatives, Labour and The Liberal Democrats) is the only choice we have or can make.

If we really want to experience better lives and a better way of living for us all, this has to change.

This means getting rid of the top-down or hierarchical system that we have right now. It means turning all of this upside-down system completely on its head. It means putting the lives of people like you and I first. It means recreating governance across the UK that begins and prioritises the grassroots-up.

The good news is that making the difference is all about us making a simple choice. That choice is for us all to take back the power that we trusted politicians with and that they have abused.

It means remembering that politicians are no different to any of us.

It means remembering that politicians are putting their self interest and lack of interest in representing the people who elected them first as a deliberate choice.

It means accepting that politicians don’t have any special skills or any kind of life experience that makes them different to anyone else who lives and functions in the world outside of Westminster.

It means recognising that within our communities across the UK, we already have 650 fantastic independent minded and able leaders who will put others first, see and work with the bigger picture, and that within the catchment area of each and every local authority or council, people who are better suited to looking out for others and taking responsibility are ready to be called on, just the same.

Who are these people?

Well one of them could be you!

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