Who are we?

We are a small but growing group of people just like you.

We bring together real-life experience from living normal lives where we have had to deal and overcome the challenges of coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We have lived with debt, shortages, unemployment, lack of academic qualifications, business failures and being treated like social pariahs just because to a few others, we simply don’t look the part.

But we have also overcome social mobility issues. We have bucked the trends and broken our stereotypes. We have created businesses, managed charities, worked in the public sector. Some of us have experienced our broken political system from inside of it too.

We are not tribal in our politics. In fact, we see all of our politicians who hide behind the badges and political philosophies of the political parties for who and what they really are.

The difference between us and them, is that our politics is all about YOU.

We believe in prioritising and developing a new way of doing politics and governance across the UK that only prioritises YOU and everyone who is just like YOU.

Our aim is to share the insight, knowledge and the experience that we have, so that YOU and people just like YOU can make the conscious choice to change everything for the better, and move on from everything that is not working and is broken – the place where we are today.

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