The British Electoral System isn’t broken. But the people and parties who fill and block the British Political System certainly are

If we had a General Election tomorrow, you would be able to make a choice between different candidates and even different political parties. But you would not have the option of choosing an alternative or ‘polternative’ to the way of doing politics to what we have already got.

Yes, the people, the names, the brands, the political parties may all be different. But they are all motivated by beliefs, perceptions and by a very insular way of looking at the world and the people they are supposed to be elected to represent, that mean the words will usually be very different, but the end result for you and I will inevitably work out being the same.

The people who want your support for their parties and their ideas, but are at the same time not prepared to listen to you or involve you in the process that informs decision making are only interested in their own view of the world and what’s in it for them. They are all the same.

Weak leaders surround themselves with people who are even weaker than they are. Otherwise the darkness from their weaknesses will be exposed by other effective leaders light. This is why the quality of our politicians on all sides has increasingly deteriorated and why the door to allowing anyone into the system who has the ability to do anything other than what they are told to, has been very firmly closed and then bolted shut.

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