The future of this Country depends upon you

Hard as this pill might be to swallow, we all bear at least a little of the responsibility for the mess that the Country is now in – even if your immediate thought is that you didn’t vote for any of the people who are in power today.

By going along with the way things work and operate, we are all giving it our consent. That means we are – without thinking about it – approving all the things that our politicians are doing and all the things that are politicians have done.

After all, it is public policy that has been made not just this year, last year, during the Covid Pandemic, in response to Brexit or even in response to the invasion of Ukraine that has created the problems we now have right across the UK.

No, the problems are not just about inflation, the covid underspend, or the clogged up borders many people are trying to blame on Brexit. It’s just lazy to think that way!

The problems that we have today, whether it’s the cost of living crisis, inflation, supply chain delays, housing shortages, the failing court system, the collapsing NHS, student debt and just about everything that is hurting people like you and I, is about public policy decisions that have been made over decades and yes, whole lifetimes and generations, spanned by politicians who have become further and further out of touch.

The politicians are now so far out of touch, that they really do believe that if they say the same things over and over again to enough people, their lies will actually become true.

We cannot reason with people who are only in it for themselves in this way, and we are being prevented from changing them for people who could lead properly and do the right things for all of us with the system as it is, because the system now exists just to keep itself propped up and closed to anyone who could destroy it by forcing it to change.

This means the change – that’s a better future for us all – must now come from the decision to act and then the willingness to do whatever is necessary from people like me and you – to see it all through!

We must reject the system we have, and start all over again.

Change cannot come before we all think differently. Change begins with the way that we think. Change begins with you!

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