Wake up! Politicians cannot and will not change. They will not avert the disaster that they have created!

Uncomfortable as it may be to accept, the whole of the UK is on a downward trajectory and has a date with destiny that is going to touch everyone’s lives and will be very painful for most.

Many of us look at everything happening as if the problems that we are facing are only the result of or are related to other things that are happening right now, today.

In fact, that’s what politicians and the establishment want and like us to think. Because it distances them from any of the responsibilities from everything that has happened, is happening today, and what will happen in the days, months and the years to come.

Yes, there are a lot of very greedy and self-centred people out there who are making the race into not only a cost of living crisis but a complete systemic collapse that will accompany it a lot worse than it should be, by deliberately exploiting watered  down rules and the incompetence of our politicians to stop them for doing all that they are doing.

It doesn’t matter whether its fuel prices, the obscene profits that energy companies are making when they complain that prices need to go up to cover wholesale costs, of the prices of food and essential goods in supermarkets that are jumping up purely, because the people responsible have nothing to stop them doing any of this, and they sleep at night with the idea that the government will simply fire more cash at us all to keep covering the incendiary cost.

They wouldn’t be able to do any of this, if we had politicians who held the responsibility of being our public representatives who were actually up to the job.

Instead, we actually have the complete opposite. So inept, incompetent and absorbed in their own race to obtain public glory by obtaining jobs that hold a level of responsibility, that our politicians do not understand and certainly do not want, the 650 people who ‘lead’ us don’t have the wherewithal to understand the consequences of anything they do.

Our politicians do not know how the systems of business and government really work. Worst of all, as they are not even leaders. Politicians do not have the ability to get all of the information and the wise heads together that they need to make decisions on our behalf in one room. And so, management of crisis after crisis by specialists from the most obvious sector, industry or area was born.

It is because we have had such levels of ineptitude running the UK (and in Countries across the World) for so very long, that we are in the mess that we are today. It’s why life for us all is now set to go very, VERY wrong.

Don’t be lazy and try to blame this on Brexit, on Covid or even Ukraine. Because by doing so, you are simply playing into these ridiculous people’s hands.

All of this mess was created by the people who are pretending to lead us today and by the people just like them who have been masquerading as our leaders from across all of the political parties for decades.

What is more, we really do have only ourselves to blame.

We have elected these people and every politician just like them. And if we want politicians to change, it is us and the approach that we all have to politics that cannot possibly remain the same.

Change starts with the way that we think about politics. The top-down hierarchy, the destruction it causes and the lives it is wrecking just so that the few can be happy has to stop.

Power must come back to our communities and reflect the lives of real people. Its time for grassroots up!

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