We have a Top-Down system that only gives us pain. It’s time for Grassroots-Up

At the moment, the political system that we have – in fact the whole system and the way that everything around us works is ‘top-down’. It’s a hierarchy.

In terms of politics in the UK itself, this top-down hierarchy is not in any way democratic at all.

The only democratic part of the whole process is the 15 hours that polling stations are open on election days.

Immediately afterwards, everything goes back to being exactly how it was before – working for all of them, whilst creating life disasters for us all.

Top-down, literally means that those at the top are dictating life, money, business, the way that public services work for us all.

And as far as our politicians are concerned (That’s Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat and each and every ‘side’ or ‘tribe’), even their leaders (Boris or soon to be either Sunak/Truss, Keir Starmer etc) answer to the whims of someone else, whether its funders, bankers, unions barons – and all of the money and influence that sits and barks order from the very dark areas that are shaded from scrutiny and public gaze.

The whole system and the way that everything gets done, now revolves around this horrid top-down way of doing things.

So powerful and influential has it become, that most of us just accept that this is normal. It is the only way that things can be done.

But its not. In fact, there is a very different, fair and balanced way.

Just because things work the way that they do now, doesn’t mean that we cannot change everything.

It doesn’t mean that we cannot give even the latest tech, money, business and economic systems a human focus, rather than one that is all about greed and all about them at the top.

We must change and evolve away from this selfish, money-focused system and revitalise the meaning of life by creating and evolving a new system that puts people first.

To do this and to make it work. We all must take part. We must take back our power from the useful idiots who we have trusted with it. We must realise that Top-down doesn’t work and that its time for Grassroots-up.

We all have the opportunity and yes, the power to begin this process right now, rather than waiting for the now inevitable crash that is going to engulf all of our lives.

By doing things the right way and by putting people, locality and our communities first, even the most serious problems like climate change – which have been caused by the greed of the elites and the public programming and created public dependency they have used – will be addressed. Quite literally by waking up, thinking about, being conscious about and by taking the decisions that are right for everyone the outcomes will affect – in everything that each and every one of us do.

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