The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government: Now available on Amazon for Kindle

Hi Everyone,

I’m really pleased to announce that my latest Book for Kindle ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’ is now published and available for download on Amazon.

As has been the case with ‘Levelling Level’, ‘The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard’ and ‘From Here to There Through Now’ – which have all been published this year, the different pages or messages will be published separately and FREE to read on my different Blogs over the coming days this December.

The content will also be available to read on a more structured basis at

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is very much a stand-alone work, as it proposes and discusses a methodology and approach to how we do politics, government and governance in pretty much every sense, rather than focusing on more specific solutions and suggestions beyond ‘The Basic Living Standard’ itself, as I have done in these 3 earlier books.

What I’ve learned from conversations with many different people with what often begin to be very contrary, sometimes entrenched and almost certainly the polar opposite to my own political views, is that proposing what I presented to them as awakened views and approaches in the same sense as proposed in The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government usually makes a lot of sense.

Any resistance or opposition is then based purely on the idea that the way that the world works. More specifically how politics, government and the establishment works being fixed, and not subject to change – with the inherent suggestion that they know and accept that the way that ‘The System’ works is certainly far from right, but in their view its simply much safer for them and better for everyone if we all just ‘play along’.

As a former Councillor and Member of a District Level Local Authority where I was Chair of Licensing, both a former Parish and Town Councillor, formally a Senior Manager and Project Manager within the Charity Sector, a former Local Government Officer as well as being a successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Managing Director in commercial business too, I have become attuned to the practicalities and mechanics of the way that the different sectors all work.

What is clear today, is the way that the way that Politics, Government and the Public Sector work today – or more specifically, the way that the people with roles within all of them think, act and behave is now having a negative impact upon the life experience of many more of us than it is not.

‘The System’ is out of balance, is massively unfair and doesn’t maintain justice of an equitable and human kind in any meaningful sense.

Change is now inevitable. With it comes the opportunity to review, reform and reset the way that everything is governed on our behalf. We can either remain passive, stand back and wait for those who have subjective agendas to carve up our futures in their own self-benefitting ways, or we can take back the power that is rightfully ours and take part in laying the foundations of a much happier, fair, balanced and just future, based on ensuring that the frameworks and structures of governance that affect every part of shared or communal life are created, revised and maintained objectively and with what is always in the best interests of us all in mind.

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