Levelling Level will be the outcome of solving the cause of many problems together. Not by looking at the effects of each problem one at a time

As someone who reads a lot of very different material, I understand how appealing it can be to have a quick look through the index of a book or webpage and then cherry pick the bits that I think I might like to read. Especially when there is a specific topic or answer that I’m trying to find. I would ask you to resist doing so if you can.

Levelling Level, or what Levelling Level will really mean will only be achieved as a whole outcome by those with the leadership skills and power to influence change for the better.

The power within that influence can only come from fully understanding the real problem, or rather, by gaining complete fluency of the real causes of the problems that we face, and the relationship with other problems, that each of the problems we face really has.

The problems that we face today have been created by taking a bit by bit, step by step or piecemeal approach. We can only deal with the problems that this has created by dealing with every problem that has been created as a whole, in a joined-up and wholly comprehensive way.

Levelling level is an outcome that will only be achieved by considering the types of solutions and options that will be open to us under good leadership, and then drawing conclusions of our own, before we then seek to work together as a community with everyone who feels the same way as us.

The subject matter of Levelling Level is massively complex. So complex in fact, that the technical intricacies that have developed which allow such a broken system to exist and function are, or will seem to many, too elaborate or even illogical to believe.

The best way to get the value from this book and the proposed outline of Levelling Level as it is intended, is to read it right the way through, and look at the trees before drawing any conclusions about the whole wood.

This blog was originally published in April 2022 as part of the book ‘Levelling Level’ and as part of a page on the accompanying website too. This is an updated version which has been edited by The Author. This and other books in the Series are available at Amazon and across different blogs too.

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