The biggest obstacle to Awakened Politics and Good Government is our own unconscious thinking

Changing from a system of government that doesn’t work in everyone’s best interests to one that does should be very easy. Don’t we all look after our own best interests after all?

However, without an external event or series of external events taking place that really forces the majority people to stop and think and awaken, a course of voluntary change will take a very long time.

People who see, experience and believe there is nothing bad about the unconscious System that we have will not willingly embrace an Awakened System of Governance that they will inevitably see as likely to cost them or create a loss for them in some material or money-based way.

People are so intoxicated with the current system that revolves around Money and self-interest, there is very little understanding, acceptance or appreciation of how the values set that we have culturally adopted hurts us all as individuals.

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