Money related bribes are not the only kind corruption that exists in Politics and Government

One of the flaws of the English Language and the way that it has evolved, is the manner in which we freely attribute different meanings to the same word. People then fall into the trap of failing to recognise the different uses and then see others as being wrong when they have used that word in what we see as an incorrect way, or more likely they have used that word in a way that their experience tells them is correct, but which ours then tells us is wrong.

There are many examples. The meaning of one word in particular that can create such a misunderstanding and become one of the barriers we face to understanding why we have an urgent need for Awakened Politics and Good Government, is corruption.

In the Western world, we generally consider the word corruption to equate to illegal or unofficial financial payments, backhanders, the exchange of brown envelopes or what we most commonly know as bribes; all using money or a resulting financial payment or pecuniary benefit of some kind.

Corruption isn’t just about money. In fact, any act which is undertaken by a decision maker or person with influence or responsibility of a public or legally recognisable kind, that aims to secure a result or outcome that favours themselves or the interests of someone or something they favour, is itself corrupt.

In terms of or in comparison to so-called Third World Countries, ‘banana republics’, other less ‘developed’ economies and even globally known group organisations where bribes using money are regrettably all too recognisably widespread, Western Countries and their governance may not outwardly appear to be in any way the same.

However, decision making that favours a specific group, a specific interest, a specific Political Party, a specific idea or indeed a specific or subjective outcome of any kind – right down to something such as career advancement or the job security of the individual, is arguably even worse.

This form of sanitized, prejudicial corruption is rampant throughout the Western world today. But its impact and ramifications are even less likely to be detected or openly seen – even though they are arguably often far worse. Beyond the obvious, prejudicial corruption creates injustice at the quality-of-life level for those on an honest path, that defy logic and sense.

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