The Credit Myth and Confidence Trick

The fact, not only that money doesn’t exist, but that bankers and financiers actually create money out of thin air, is so troubling, that for many of us even the suggestion of this is too ridiculous for us to believe.

If the reality of money being make-believe isn’t hard enough to get your head around, the next twist of the knife that the few have cut and abused us all with is this: The very same private and commercial organisations that create money also manage, control and police credit ratings, credit checks and the rules that govern our credit worthiness too.

In a world where we have been conditioned to believe that everything revolves around money, this means that the people who print money are the very same people who control everything that relates to what we believe to be our own wealth and financial status. Right down to the value of the smallest thing that we own.

If you have never had to worry about paying a bill, paying the balance of your credit card off at the end of every month, or had to go to a bank (if you are one of the lucky ones) or a loan shark (if you are not) to get a loan, that’s great. Here’s a high-five, a slap on the back and very big good for you.

Regrettably, many of us have already had those worries. Many more of us soon will.

We all have some level of responsibility for how we have been trapped by the money system as it is. But that doesn’t validate it or make it either ethically or morally right.

We have been enslaved by Money and The Credit Myth. It only works and will continue to work until we realise and accept that we have been played; that money and wealth is no way to value anything in life, and that it is only because we have believed that it is, that we have all become victims of this horrific confidence trick.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.

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