Self-Awareness & Critical Thinking

Once we have learned to be or have become ‘self-aware’, in the sense of learning to ask the ‘How’, ‘Why’, ‘Who’, ‘What’ type questions of ourselves and the experiences that we have had and that have made us who we really are, we become much better equipped or enabled to look on the world outside of us in a much healthier and productive way.

Being self-aware is much more than just being ‘present in the moment’, being ‘mindful’ or practicing ‘mindfulness’*.

Self-awareness is about understanding who we really are, why we are that way, how we function and operate, and what we need to do or to improve to be the best person that we can possibly be.

The reality is that as Voters, we don’t need to practice self-awareness for The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government to exist, work and be maintained. But we do have a responsibility to ourselves and to anyone that we care about to ensure that anyone and everyone who has influence over our lives is thinking, acting and behaving in the way that they should be.

For a Fair, Balanced and Just System to exist, we must all contribute to the process that ensures that the decisions that affect us all and therefore the people them on our behalf, are making from a place where they are fully self-aware and have the integrity, diligence and commitment that follows and goes with it to be able to make Public Policy decisions that are in touch with and considerate of all of our very different lives.

To be able to engage in this process in a fully Awakened way, we must be able to observe, accumulate information and think critically too, as this is the way that we filter the information that comes to us, and how we ensure that the gaps in our knowledge are filled, if for any reason we do not then fully understand.

* Like most things of the self-help genre that are usually far more complex and require practical experience that goes way beyond intellectual understanding today, mindfulness has been packaged and repackaged many times over, so that personal growth can be sold as being easy. In reality, it is anything but.

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