New Book | A Community Route

You think for yourself, you have bags of common sense and as far as solving the problems that the UK and possibly the World faces, you also have a view, that might include or be focused upon:

  • Digital Tyranny & Control
  • The Elites (WEF, WHO etc.)
  • The Financial System (Who controls money and how)
  • The Great Reset
  • Media Manipulation
  • AI
  • Brexit
  • Technology
  • US Hegemony
  • Net Zero (Green & Climate Policy, LTNs, ULEZs and 15 Minute Cities)
  • Democracy
  • The Great Awakening
  • The War in Ukraine
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Globalisation (Or Deglobalisation)
  • Food Security (Grow your own, Localised production)
  • Healthy Living (Basic Foods)
  • The Cost-of-Living Crisis
  • The loss of Values
  • Wokeism, Political Correctness and Minority Rights

Alternatively, your view could be based on something entirely different. But one way or another, it is certain to come from a VERY long list.

At a time when the World is increasingly in turmoil, and suggestions of completely impractical public policies such as Net Zero, Ground Crickets for food and closing down farms gives us just a small hint of what todays World Elites plan for us and aim to coerce us to do.

The reality we face is that the strength and ability required to change the direction of The Great Reset and the collapse of The System that will surround it needs everyone else to unite and work together – working from the Grassroots-Up.

The problem we have is that despite many different voices and groups now championing change and transformation to embrace the New Earth or New World that lies beyond, the unity goes only so far as words and lip service at best. Those who should be working together have never been further apart.

A Community Route proposes the basis of a new system and way of thinking to unite and bring people, communities and groups together, so that we can succeed in setting our own agenda and begin creating the governance and systems that will ensure we all have a happy, healthy, safe and secure life, within a balanced, fair and just system, beyond.

A Community Route is available on Amazon now:

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