A New Democracy for the People that is no longer Top-Down, but Grassroots-Up | The Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

The key step in the process of meaningful change that will benefit everyone in a balanced, fair and just way will be the rejection and end of the existing Democratic System, Electoral System and System of Government that exists.

With the system of Governance that we have working only for itself, for those within it and those who inappropriately benefit from it, the system has passed any point of good it could reach.

The existing system has proven to be too easily corrupted by too many different influences for it to be able to provide the assurance of impartiality that will ensure a truly balanced, fair and just system of Governance can be fully accessible to all, and for it to then maintained.

It is with ownership and the control of all decision making and legislative processes within government that our power and the right to determine our future lies.

However, the point that so many people, from ‘outside’, who want change continue to miss, is that by continuing to focus on the political system that we have, rather than the one that we want, we are continuing to play by all the rules set by an Establishment that can only exist within a hierarchical and deferential structure that is Top-Down.

Whoever frames the argument and the debate, will usually win it.

They may not be playing fairly, and they may have the mainstream media to pump out propaganda for them, but that’s the reality that underpins why the Establishment and however they continue to move the deckchairs on the deck of their very own Titanic is still and will continue to win.

So, step back, take a good look at yourself and the people you have around you. Then remember that it’s what we all as ‘outsiders’ have in common, rather than what at first impression we see, that provides the pathway to where finding unity, working together and then claiming back our power will be.

This Blog relates to Part 1 of The Grassroots Manifesto, which proposes the creation of a new Democratic system for elections and government, where the balance of power is taken back and restored to local communities, and kept away from people you will never have the chance to meet or even see.

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