The role we are playing and the role that we have played in the collapse of The Old World Order | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

Whilst the majority of us are either not aware or pour scorn on such suggestions, our collective ignorance of this collapse and process of deliberately intended change is not without considerable risk to our own futures and the generations that will follow us beyond.

That ignorance leads those of us who are unaware of what is happening to believe that the way that our lives are now constructed and all the cultural norms that we employ have been a natural progression and a beneficial choice.

We do not or will not see nor accept that hidden within the mechanics, the toys and the feelings of personal greatness that this whole age employs, lies our own voluntary acceptance of the real agendas that have and still drive all of this. Agendas and plans that are all about self-interest and the removal of anything that identifies the self and what we believe to be our remaining freedom – which is our ability to choose, or our freedom of choice.

Few will be ready to accept the direction of travel that we inevitably face, until the hurt and restriction that this grand plan or strategy reaches and then hits each and every one of us directly in the face.

It’s happening now. 15 Minute Cities & LTNs, The Trans Debate, Net Zero, Cows being fed anti-methane tablets, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Cashless Society, Cancelling People, Wokeism, Political Correctness, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and much, much more. These ARE ALL part of a deliberate attack on personal identity, on personal freedom and upon what we used to recognise as Humanity itself – and it’s all driven by selfishness, stupidity and an overwhelming desire for complete control.

It may be hard to understand and agree with. But these things are only happening and are only coming into being because we are accepting them.

We are doing nothing to stop the direction of travel itself, and where we are beginning to stand up and fight, we are doing so only when the issue itself is one that seems to be most important to us.

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