Using Linkedin to get Elected

Of the online Social Media tools I have highlighted on How to Get Elected, Linkedin is probably going to be least effective in connecting with voters.   That’s not to say it doesn’t have its uses. But as what is probably best described as Facebook for professionals, it is much more effective as a networking … Continue reading Using Linkedin to get Elected

Using a Blog to get Elected

Hands up, Blogs are a really good tool for getting your message ‘out there’. What is more, you can easily post links straight to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Accounts, and if you set up and use one of the main platforms such as WordPress or Blogger, these free and easy to use tools will … Continue reading Using a Blog to get Elected

Using Twitter to get Elected

Twitter is a multipurpose election and campaigning tool, which has a broader focus that Facebook – but is just as good in getting your news out to the people who count.   The key to twitter is being able to get your news out in as short a space as possible, either as a sentence … Continue reading Using Twitter to get Elected

Using Facebook to get Elected

Facebook is a key tool in your election and campaign armory. It is a way to make direct links with voters and then build and develop a good relationship with them where you can keep them in touch with what you are doing and gain support by word-of-mouth as you keep moving on.   As … Continue reading Using Facebook to get Elected

Using Social Media to get Elected

Good communication with the people you are going to ask to vote for your is essential. The good news is that social media makes this task a whole lot easier than it was even ten years ago. Whereas you might have had to be delivering newsletters through peoples doors regularly at that stage, you can … Continue reading Using Social Media to get Elected

Public Speaking and Interviews

One of the key aspects of becoming a good campaigner, councillor and politician is giving a voice to others who don’t have one – whatever the reason may be. In it’s most literal interpretation, this means that you must be prepared to speak in public, or to groups of many people, and work to become … Continue reading Public Speaking and Interviews

Using the Media in Local Elections & Campaigns

At a time when we have so many TV and Radio stations to choose from that you can easily lose count, it is very easy to assume that you have got to be prominent in the media if you are going to be a success in politics. Many existing politicians already mistake media relevance as … Continue reading Using the Media in Local Elections & Campaigns

Contact Information you should always publish

It’s very easy to overlook the role of your contact information when you begin working with your wider community and the general public. It is an essential part of good communication that you keep your potential electors aware of what you are doing and why. It’s also vital that people you want to vote for you … Continue reading Contact Information you should always publish

Leaflets & Campaign Literature

Canvassing, Questionnaires and Social Media are really effective ways to get yourself known in your community and to maintain a presence with the people you will be asking to vote for you. However, people are not always at home when you call, and during the election campaign itself in particular, you need to be sure that your story has … Continue reading Leaflets & Campaign Literature

Canvassing before or during an Election Campaign

Probably one of the things that anyone new to politics will fear most of all is canvassing – or going from door to door, speaking to residents and finding out what they think. Believe it or not, once you have started to gain some experience, canvassing can be a lot of fun. It gives you … Continue reading Canvassing before or during an Election Campaign