The Count

When you’ve got to the very end of the Election Campaign and Election Day itself, the only thing left when the Polling Stations close at 10pm, is the Count itself. What usually happens next is usually a mad dash between the Polling Stations and the venue that has been selected to hold the Count. Local … Continue reading The Count

Election Day

Election Day itself is likely to be the busiest day of your Election Campaign. Why? – because you do need to remind people to vote!!! If you have enough money left within your Election Expenses Budget, the first thing you can do – preferably before people have left for work, is deliver an additional ‘get … Continue reading Election Day

The Opening of Postal Votes

An increasing number of voters now take the opportunity to vote by post. Postal Votes have to be in before Election Day, and a special session will be called for the Opening of Postal Votes for Each Ward and Division. Your local Democratic or Electoral Services Department will be able to tell you when the Postal Votes … Continue reading The Opening of Postal Votes

Election Agents

Once you have your Candidate Pack and the Formal Election Campaign is underway, you will hear a lot about Election Agents. Don’t worry. It sounds like a very important role, but in a council election, you are unlikely to ever need one. In fact, it is not uncommon for Election Agents to delay things up … Continue reading Election Agents

Your Competition

Unless you are fortunate enough to find yourself in an uncontested election, you will have competition from other candidates during the Election Campaign itself, and possibly before it too. It’s very easy to lose focus on what you are doing yourself and be unsettled by what other candidates might be doing, particularly if they publish … Continue reading Your Competition

Your Manifesto & Election Pledges

Getting elected is rarely about just one thing. Different people have different priorities and in terms of the people we elect to represent us locally, our choices will be based no differently. Realistically, this means that even if there is one local issue that you feel really passionate about, you will need to broaden your … Continue reading Your Manifesto & Election Pledges

Proposers, Seconders and Signatories to support your Nomination as a Candidate

To formally become a candidate in a local election, once the election has been called, you will need to submit the signatures of Proposer and a Seconder (for All Elections) on your Nomination Form. For elections to District Level Authorities and above, you will also be required to submit the signatures of a further eight … Continue reading Proposers, Seconders and Signatories to support your Nomination as a Candidate

Election Expenses

As a candidate, it’s really important that you understand there are rules governing elections that you MUST follow. If you don’t follow the rules, you could yourself being disqualified as a candidate before you even get started on your formal campaign. If elected, you could find yourself losing your seat. Worse still, you could even … Continue reading Election Expenses

The Electoral Commission

In a democratic system, it is important that the rules governing elections are kept as far away from political influence as possible. Sometimes, this isn’t possible as decisions are too big to not be made by the sitting Government. But as far as the management of elections and the money involved in financing political campaigns … Continue reading The Electoral Commission