Setting up a new Political Party

Even the most fervent political party supporters will struggle to avoid acknowledging the general disillusionment and feeling that many people now experience with British politics.    The fact is that all of the mainstream political parties – even UKIP, will continue the same way that they are currently doing so at their own peril.    … Continue reading Setting up a new Political Party

News & Information Sources worth following

It is essential that you keep abreast of all the news which is relevant to your campaign and the authority you are hoping to join as a member. This means it is not only wise to follow the news and publications from that authority itself, but to also follow the news and developments relating to … Continue reading News & Information Sources worth following

Getting Elected as an MP

In theory, it is possible for anyone to get elected as an MP, as long as they are eligible to become a candidate. The reality is that our political system doesn’t currently support candidates who are independent from the mainstream Political Parties and without running for one of them (Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, … Continue reading Getting Elected as an MP

Joining a Political Party

If you have found ‘How to get Elected’ whilst thinking about joining a Political Party to become a Candidate, you may still find some significant benefit from everything that this Blogsite can provide. There are good and even great politicians in all of the Political Parties. However, there aren’t enough of them yet to make … Continue reading Joining a Political Party


Below are some links to other Websites and Blogs which you might find useful.   If you have a Website or Blog which you feel may be useful to other readers of How to get Elected, please get in touch and let me know.   About becoming a Councillor:   Data Protection:   … Continue reading Links