Focusing on difference creates division itself

Within the narrative that has slowly but surely been tearing British culture apart, whilst giving just about every one of us an identity crisis as we try to fathom out the question of whether we should feel guilty for simply being the people that we really are and should be proud to be, there is … Continue reading Focusing on difference creates division itself

‘Bullshit has its own sound’

Of course, as individuals looking out on the world as it is today, we can too easily be led to believe that it is only us – and strange as it may seem, the few people around us that we care to talk to – who see everything that is wrong in the world around … Continue reading ‘Bullshit has its own sound’

Opinion, Fake News, Spin and the role of the Media

The incompetence of our politicians would not have been the success that it has been, without the media having had the role it has and having been there to tell us that it is so. So little of the news that we see and hear on so-called mainstream channels and stations is actually news, that … Continue reading Opinion, Fake News, Spin and the role of the Media

Lies only work until you don’t believe them anymore

The good news is that the money lie is coming to its end. In fact, the purpose of this book is to discuss what happens next and the good we will all have the power to do both for ourselves and for others, after the lie is fully revealed and this damning chapter of our … Continue reading Lies only work until you don’t believe them anymore

Truth is stranger than fiction

The pernicious irony of all this is that the people who have created or played key roles in the creation of the cost-of-living crisis are the same people who are setting the terms and requirements of credit and loans. As a society that overtly prides itself on fair play (or historically has done so), we … Continue reading Truth is stranger than fiction


The reality that money not only doesn’t exist, but that bankers and financiers actually create it out of thin air is so troubling that for many of us, even the suggestion of this is too ridiculous to believe. If that is hard enough, the next twist of the knife that the few have been cutting … Continue reading Credit

Money doesn’t exist

It is worth repeating many times over. Money doesn’t exist. Money has no value. Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange or what began as a very practical way to create a universal system of exchange that meant we were only two transactions from offering what we have in exchange for what we … Continue reading Money doesn’t exist

Business & Finance: The tail that really wags the dog

Politics, the politicians that we have and the way that they do politics are the root cause of the problems that we have. But they are closely aided and abetted by the role that the monster they have created in the form of the public sector plays. Government provides services through the public sector, and … Continue reading Business & Finance: The tail that really wags the dog

The need for regulatory balance

If politicians and public servants were being completely honest about their jobs and responsibilities, they would already be doing a lot more than they already do. They would also recognise that they don’t need more responsibility than they already have. They would in fact understand that they would be better giving much of that power … Continue reading The need for regulatory balance

Laws for laws sake

We have a public sector that runs and operates for all the wrong reasons. We have a political system that sits above it as its political master, that is filled with politicians who will not tackle the issues or take the decisions that they are there to take. When politicians and public sector organisations aren’t … Continue reading Laws for laws sake