Your Manifesto & Election Pledges

Getting elected is rarely about just one thing. Different people have different priorities and in terms of the people we elect to represent us locally, our choices will be based no differently. Realistically, this means that even if there is one local issue that you feel really passionate about, you will need to broaden your … Continue reading Your Manifesto & Election Pledges

Proposers, Seconders and Signatories to support your Nomination as a Candidate

To formally become a candidate in a local election, once the election has been called, you will need to submit the signatures of Proposer and a Seconder (for All Elections) on your Nomination Form. For elections to District Level Authorities and above, you will also be required to submit the signatures of a further eight … Continue reading Proposers, Seconders and Signatories to support your Nomination as a Candidate

Using Twitter to get Elected

Twitter is a multipurpose election and campaigning tool, which has a broader focus that Facebook – but is just as good in getting your news out to the people who count.   The key to twitter is being able to get your news out in as short a space as possible, either as a sentence … Continue reading Using Twitter to get Elected

Public Speaking and Interviews

One of the key aspects of becoming a good campaigner, councillor and politician is giving a voice to others who don’t have one – whatever the reason may be. In it’s most literal interpretation, this means that you must be prepared to speak in public, or to groups of many people, and work to become … Continue reading Public Speaking and Interviews

Contact Information you should always publish

It’s very easy to overlook the role of your contact information when you begin working with your wider community and the general public. It is an essential part of good communication that you keep your potential electors aware of what you are doing and why. It’s also vital that people you want to vote for you … Continue reading Contact Information you should always publish

Leaflets & Campaign Literature

Canvassing, Questionnaires and Social Media are really effective ways to get yourself known in your community and to maintain a presence with the people you will be asking to vote for you. However, people are not always at home when you call, and during the election campaign itself in particular, you need to be sure that your story has … Continue reading Leaflets & Campaign Literature

Which Local Authority should I run for?

If you’ve decided that you want to be a Councillor, but are not sure of where you could achieve most, help others in the way you would like, or potentially achieve the biggest impact, it would be worth considering the roles and responsibilities of the different Tiers of Government, and what work Parish & Town … Continue reading Which Local Authority should I run for?