Thank you for your support – Here’s the best way to get value from Levelling Level:

Before anything, a big thank you to everyone who has visited Levelling Level here (in its Blog form) or has already downloaded the Book. Since I began to publish the Book broken down into blogs last Tuesday, the number of visits has been more than I had expected. I have really appreciated the likes received … Continue reading Thank you for your support – Here’s the best way to get value from Levelling Level:

Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Digital or crypto currencies will not survive in their current form. Like the system that cryptocurrencies were created with the best intentions to try and override, it is simply the belief that people have, or the way that people think about cryptocurrencies today that appear to make them work. The cryptocurrencies that you can buy … Continue reading Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Entertainment: What we need

As a basic standard, everyone should have access to a community sports hub within a short distance of home, where the widest range of different sports clubs should be available for that location. Everyone should have unlimited access to free to view TV and Digital Radio.

Personal Communication: What we need

The basic standard for communication requirements would be to have unrestricted access to broadband quality internet provision. To have one (1x) computer or combined PC/TV device that can be used to complete personal administration, shop online, access job applications and free to view TV/News Services/Digital Radio/social media.

Healthcare: What we need

The basic standard for personal healthcare will be for any person to have access to a minimum of two different healthcare providers (either public run service and/or commercially provided under fixed per head premium), that everyone is required to pay their contribution towards at their source of income. The basic standard for personal healthcare would … Continue reading Healthcare: What we need

What we really need

Likely to be the most controversial part of Levelling Level, the following list that covers the food, goods and services that we actually need, will look and sound alien to many reading the contents right now. However, what we need and what we want or believe that we should have are two very different things. … Continue reading What we really need

Public Transport

The rail network must be fully returned to public or community led operating companies, holding responsibility for all activities on the most localised basis possible. Each local County level authority should become a bus operator, ensuring that service coverage is universally provided by a system that allows equal basic access to everyone, whether they live … Continue reading Public Transport

Utilities: Electricity, Water, Gas

The entire utility infrastructure must be returned to public and preferably community hands. So that issues such as repairs and the impact that they have on other areas of life are managed in a far more thoughtful, responsive, localised and therefore intelligent way.

Essential Services to the Public

As discussed earlier, public services have become a political football and plaything for politicians, public sector workers and those with a financial interest in them alike. Man cannot have two masters, just as you cannot put two saddles on the same horse. Services that are provided for the benefit of the public must have the … Continue reading Essential Services to the Public

Basic Entertainment

The need for basic entertainment for anyone can be met without the need for any paid-for streaming services, visits to the cinema, ticketed gigs or any other form of live entertainment that attracts heavy one-off gate fees. The only recognisable need to maintain a basic standard in access to entertainment for anyone will be the … Continue reading Basic Entertainment