Transport: What we need

The basic standard for transport would be access to regular public transport services that will not place restrictions on accessing employment during normal working hours, with access to electric bike hire from 14 years and to community carpools as appropriate.

Public Transport

The rail network must be fully returned to public or community led operating companies, holding responsibility for all activities on the most localised basis possible. Each local County level authority should become a bus operator, ensuring that service coverage is universally provided by a system that allows equal basic access to everyone, whether they live … Continue reading Public Transport

Essential Services to the Public

As discussed earlier, public services have become a political football and plaything for politicians, public sector workers and those with a financial interest in them alike. Man cannot have two masters, just as you cannot put two saddles on the same horse. Services that are provided for the benefit of the public must have the … Continue reading Essential Services to the Public

Petrol & Diesel

Petrol and Diesel will only remain essential for personal use as long as we maintain the unnecessary use of cars that run on these fuels. As we reduce the number of cars that households own, the practical need or requirement for the use of fossil fuels for vehicles that cannot be used efficiently or reliably … Continue reading Petrol & Diesel

Personal Transport

The age when every member of any household owned and ran a car is over. Inflationary price changes are telling you this right now, even if you don’t want to think about it yet. We do not need to travel in the ways that we have been doing so. It is extremely costly for us … Continue reading Personal Transport