Why Levelling Level is important now

As the reader will already be aware, we are experiencing and navigating our way through very challenging times. The problems discussed here are not new. They have been getting progressively worse over a long period of time. They have been hiding menacingly in plain sight. There has been no self-serving incentive for those who have … Continue reading Why Levelling Level is important now

Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Digital or crypto currencies will not survive in their current form. Like the system that cryptocurrencies were created with the best intentions to try and override, it is simply the belief that people have, or the way that people think about cryptocurrencies today that appear to make them work. The cryptocurrencies that you can buy … Continue reading Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Local Markets and Online Bartering Exchanges

Fortunately, we have moved into an age where it will be incredibly easy to develop easy to use exchange or system of exchanges that can operate or be restricted to geographically defined areas. Every member of a community will be able to exchange the goods they have, or the labour, skills and experience they can … Continue reading Local Markets and Online Bartering Exchanges